We can scan documents from Scan from. From the menu select "Scan" and then "Scan Files" sub menu. The Scan screen like below will open.
  • Scanner: We can select the scanner from the scanner dropdown list.
  • Show UI : If show UI is checked then upon scan we get the scanner settings interface to set the scanning properties.
  • Scan : Scan button will scan documents as individual records. If there are multiple documents in the document feeder then each page will be created as individual document record.
  • Scan all to 1 PDF : Scanning all to 1 PDF will simply created a single document records with all the input documents as 1 single PDF file.
  • The right panel of the Scan form shows us the image of the selected record.
  • Rotate Left : Rotates the image counter clockwise.
  • Rotate Right: Rotates the image clockwise.
  • Zoom In : Enlarge the view of selected image
  • Zoom Out : Diminishes the view of the selected image
  • << : Shows the previous page (if selected pdf is multi page)
  • >> : Shows the next page (if selected pdf is multi page)
We can scan documents for three purposes:
1>Scan HBL#
2>Scan Accounting
3>Scan Category