Search Accounting

Accounting documents can be searched with Deposit Date, Check Number, Customer Code, Batch Number OR Document Type.

  • Select All : Selects all the records in the list.
  • Clear All : Un-select all the selected records in the list
  • Print : Print all the selected records
  • Download Selected : Download all the selected records in the list to the selected folder.
  • Send : Send button will send all the selected documents as single pdf attachment to the input email added in email text box.

The right panel of the Search Accounting form shows us the image of the selected record.

  • Rotate Left : Rotates the image counter clockwise.
  • Rotate Right: Rotates the image clockwise.
  • Zoom In : Enlarge the view of selected image
  • Zoom Out : Diminishes the view of the selected image
  • << : Shows the previous page (if selected pdf is multi page)
  • >> : Shows the next page (if selected pdf is multi page)

Edit Accounting Form
Once the records are in the list we can edit the details or delete them .

  • Get Data: It will retrieve Check Number, Check Amount and Customer Code from the active ANZIO screen for menu 1101. Get data is only on work if there is active ANZIO session.
  • Delete : It will delete the selected record.
  • Clear: It will Clear the values for Check Amount, Check Number and Customer Code if there is any error or wrong customer data entered. We can get data using Get Data button.
  • Edit : It will give us pop up form to edit the Check Number, Check Amount, Customer Code and Document Type details
  • Save: Updates the selected record Check Number, Check Amount and Customer Code.
  • Close: Close the edit form without saving data